Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor

Samsung SEW-3037WWireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 3.5 inch
Samsung SEW-3037W

Rated 4.4/5 based on 82 customer reviews

Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor Product Review
When your baby is asleep, you have to know what he or she is doing so that you can act when you are needed. Whether they are crying or in need of some type of help, you can depend on the most current baby monitors out there to make sure your eyes and ears are there even when you cannot be. The Samsung SEW-3037W gives you all of the features you know and love in an incredible package. There is no more of the old way, not with all of what this has. You can actually see your baby in the crib, hear and speak to him or her, and make sure you know what is happening at all times. With all of the positive feedback going along with this Samsung baby monitor, you can be sure that it is going to do the job and exceed your expectations.

The Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor might be worlds different from the one you had when you were a baby. With the advancements made in technology, that is really no surprise. You can expect to see many modern baby monitors having cameras and features like this one, but they will not all deliver the same results. This monitor gives you what you need in an impressive package, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are in the home. As long as you have your parent unit with you, you can see how your baby is doing in the crib whenever you need to. There is quite a bit that this monitor offers, and those features are what make this stand out above the competition.

While it is nice to know that this is a great product, it is even better to know how and why it is. Some of the pros for this product are:
            Quality video/sound
            Two way sound
            Pan/zoom video
            Night light
            Several features
            Incredible job overall

What makes the Samsung SEW-3037W stand out is just how great it is at doing the job you need it to do. You can expect it to put your eyes and ears in the room even when you are not there, giving you the chance to know exactly how your baby is doing. This product goes even further by putting your voice in there, as well. This gives you the chance to soothe your baby to sleep when he or she becomes restless and needs you. You can also look around the room at all times because of the night light and pan/zoom, making everything that much more visible. There are quite a few extra features, and plenty of positive feedback, that add to the incredible value of this baby monitor.

Of course, not everything is perfect. The cons for this product include:
            Minor complaints

While not everything is perfect, the majority of the negative feedback for the Samsung SEW-3037W was minor. Some did not like that it did not have the extra features of other models, while others were disappointed that the video was not as high quality as they had hoped.

Overall, this baby monitor really does deliver. Unless you are strict on certain things that this does not offer, this will do an incredible job.